About Me

Born and raised in Waterloo, South Carolina, Franklin L. Cunningham is a husband and a father of two daughters. he spent his early years playing sports and going to church with family and friends. Every since his earliest days, he was fascinated with having a relationship with the Lord God.

        Franklin left South Carolina to attend Gardner-Webb University in North Carolina. He studied industrial management, business, and  played football. However, he could not escape the allure of God's voice and began studying the Bible. His love for the Lord God grew stronger. After graduating from Gardner-Webb University, Franklin wanted to establish himself in Charlotte, North Carolina. So, he relocated to North Carolina, where he could grow and start a family. 

        A year later, Franklin married and planted his roots in Charlotte. Several years later while growing spiritually, Franklin was inspired to began writing and delving into God's Word deeper. After studying to show himself approved and holding the mystery of faith in a pure conscience, Franklin yield to the calling from God to become a deacon of Christ. 

It wasn't long before Franklin was lead by the Holy Spirit to write his first book about tithing. "Franklin's love for the Word of God is infectious", said one of his friends. He is now working on his next book, "Graduating from Church School", which is due to be completed in the near future. 

Franklin L. Cunningham
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