This book is sooo good! I could not put it down. It has really liberated my mind of things that were in my heart about tithing, but I did not know how to put it in words. The book has answered all of my questions and much much more. Thank you


The book was a Godsend, I really enjoyed it! I'm proud of you man for going outside the box and putting this info out. Love you brother.

-Mr. Gee

This book is good! It is the truth and it can not be denied. Everything you have wrote about is in the Bible. I had my Bible out and walked right through the scriptures with you. Everybody needs to get a copy of this book. I am serious! I will help you get this book out.


I am proud of you bro. and I thank God for your obedience and doing what He has told you to do. This book is loaded! People can not deny the truth. You have laid the scriptures right out and said, but do not stop there, check it out in the word for yourself. I like that! I will help you get this book out. Love you bro.


Man, I am proud of you. This book is the truth. It not only speaks about tithing, it speaks about having faith in God and learning to trust Him. This book has encouraged me to do what God is leading me to do with what He has placed in my heart.


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